The Grace and Ambiguity of Worship: What Can Catholics Learn from Protestant Liturgy?
by Martha L. Moore-Keish

Ditchingham Report - Biblical and Theological Foundations   (taken from Thomas F. Best and Dagmar Heller, eds., So We Believe, So We Pray: Towards Koinonia in Worship.  Faith and Order Paper No. 171 (Geneva: WCC Publications, 1995) 5-8.  This excerpt is also found as Appendix 1 in Gordon W. Lathrop, Holy People: A Liturgical Ecclesiology (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1999) 229-32)

Strong Center, Open Door: On Doing Liturgy in Postmodern Context, by Gordon Lathrop

A Conversation with Julian of Norwich about Liturgical Language , by Gail Ramshaw